Chauffeur driven executive cars for business
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Chauffeured cars for business


VIP BENTLEYS is run by a team that has had many years of experience of chauffeur driven executive cars and chauffered cars for business at senior management level in both the public and private sector; we understand the many needs of business but particularly reliability and confidentiality. Whether you require an important client to be chauffeur driven from the airport or hotel, or the transportation of your senior staff to a meeting or conference our trained chauffeurs will take instruction and complete the job as if they were your own staff. They will be discreet and trustworthy and will respect the confidentiality that is especially required when travelling and discussing business in a car. If required, our chauffeurs will sign a confidentiality agreement.


Image showing chauffeur driven executive car



Whether it is a corporate chauffeur driven car hire contract or a one off job we will provide a top level service. We do understand that circumstances can often change during the course of a hire and our chauffeurs are instructed to give you total flexibility, within the law, to change the instructions. Our aim is to give maximum assistance and ensure that whatever the reason for the hire it has a positive outcome.

“We are ever mindful that OUR business and reputation is dependant on YOUR hire having a successful outcome.“

We only supply fully trained chauffeurs who will arrive in a uniform that includes a cap, however if you prefer, your corporate attire, or a dark lounge suit, can be worn. They have additional training in passenger safety and security but they are not trained as bodyguards. We can supply chauffeurs that have been trained in defensive driving techniques and evasive driving for any high profile customer if required.

We carry full hire and reward and public liability insurance.