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Image showing two of our luxury Bentley Arnage cars for hire
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Who we are


We specialise in supplying executive chauffeur driven Bentley cars for all occasions. Our Bentleys are high quality Bentley approved Arnage models, maintained and serviced through Bentley dealerships; as wedding cars or for prestige car hire our Bentleys are unsurpassed; they can also add a touch of luxury to your chauffeur driven custom sightseeing tour.


Bentley luxury interior


“Nothing is left to chance.“

We believe that to give our customers the standard of service that has traditionally been associated with Rolls Royce/Bentleys only trained chauffeurs should be used. In order to maintain that standard we do not run a car hire company that “buys in” a range of executive cars when required. We do not accept work unless we can do it with our own cars and trained chauffeurs*. We believe that having control of your contract from start to finish is the best way of giving the highest level of service.

Our senior management have trained and passed out at the Bentley Chauffeur Academy at Bentley Motors in Crewe**. (previously known as the Rolls Royce/Bentley chauffeur school) This is a recognised qualification course and accredited by the Institute of Motor Industries. We expect all of our chauffeurs to deliver this same level of professional service. We are also fortunate to have in a senior management capacity one of only seven women to have passed this course.

The company is a corporate member of the British Chauffeurs Guild and all the chauffeurs we use are expected to pass the course and be members of the Guild.


We are licensed to operate by the local authority and our MD is a Charter Member of the Institute of Logistics and Transport. For many years he held an Operators License issued by the Traffic Commissioner for a large public transport operation. We believe that with our combined training, qualifications and experience we can deliver to you the highest level of professional service.

“Our aim is to run a successful business by giving an outstanding service at realistic prices.“

*If we cannot do the job we will assist you to find an alternative if you ask.

**The Rolls Royce/Bentley chauffeur school has been training chauffeurs for Royalty and Dignitaries almost since motoring began. Currently about 20 chauffeurs a year pass out of the academy.

    Image showing classic coachbuilding of VIP Bentleys luxury car hire fleet